Peperomia Prostrata - String of Turtles Care

Peperomia Prostrata or String of Turtles is a relatively easy care plant. Hailing from Brasil this Peperomia with it's unusual leaf markings makes an idea hanging plant for your home. 

Preferring humid, cool rooms with temperatures of about 18°C to 24°C it is perfectly suited to the average Irish home. They have a shallow root system which means they do well in small pots with good drainage, they enjoy being slightly root bound so don't be in hurry to repot them.

Peperomia Prostrata Care Ireland

Soil: When you do decide to repot them any soil that is well draining with good aeration will be fine. If left sitting soggy for too long the delicate stems will rot.

Water: It is better to underwater Peperomia Prostrata than it is to overwater as it can have a propensity to rot. In the growing season(Spring/Summer) keep the soil on the damp side but never soggy. Then come Autumn/Winter dial back on the watering allow it to dry out between each watering. If your Peperomia starts dropping leaves easily or the leaves turn yellow overwatering may the culprit so cut back a little.

Light: Prostrata enjoy bright indirect light for optimum growth.Over exposure to indirect light can lead to burning so be careful to avoid prolonged afternoon sun. Remember as this plant grows from the top the top of the plant also has to receive so light so high shelves or dark corners may not be suitable.

Humidity: This peperomia enjoys some humidity especially in the growing season so misting or use of a pebble tray in Summer can be ways to achieve this.

Fertiliser: To help your peperomia grow you can fertilise every second week in Spring, monthly in Summer and cease fertilising in Autumn and Winter. You can use half strength houseplant fertiliser. Be careful not to over fertilise as this can be harmful and cause leaves to drop.