LED Grow light 31.5 cm

LED Grow light 31.5 cm

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Please note these grow lights are second hand and were purchased by me about 9 months ago for propagating succulents. They don't come with screws to affix them to a shelf but you can buy some from any hardware store.

Plants are sensitive to different colours of light than the human eye. Compared to a regular lamp, VÄXER cultivation light has a special colour spectrum with more blue and red tones that help your plant to grow and thrive.

PPFD refers to the amount of light your plants get per second and is measured in μmol/m²/s. This lamp provides an average of 100 μmol/m²/s.

Energy consumption: 4.8 kWh per month, if used for 16h per day.

Only for indoor use.

Not suitable for household room illumination. The light spectrum has been modified for cultivation lighting.

You can connect a timer if you want the lights to switch on and off automatically.

LED life time approx. 25.000 hours.

Approved for IP44.

The colour spectrum of this product is adapted for plants. It mimics natural conditions and is tailored for different needs in the growth cycle. The colour spectrum consists of 25% blue, 35% green and 40% red light.